Every visitor in possession of a ticket participates at the event at his own risk and dismisses the organization of all responsibility. The visitor agrees to every instruction the organization is imposed as part of the public order and the safety during the festival. When the visitor receives a ticket, he agrees to the possibility that he/she might get filmed or photographed during the festival. These images can be registered or stored. The images can also be used by the organization to promote the event.


Drugs and weapons are strictly forbidden. If we discover drugs or weapons, we will immediateley notify the police. Visitors that have a medical condition and have to take daily medicines, need to bring a copy of a doctor's prescription.


All visitors must be able to show their identification card at all time and prove they are 16 . If you don't meet the minimum age = access will be declined. Even if you have a valid ticket. Tickets will not be compensated.


If you leave the festival site and you, you will need a new ticket to enter the festival site. If you forge a ticket to enter the festival site you will be prosecuted . ATTENTION: If ACE OF SPADES is sold out, you can NOT buy another ticket. If you enter the festival site you have to hand over your ticket at the entrance so it can be scanned. The ticket won't be exchanged, nor repayed. Once you leave the festival site, you will have to buy a new ticket. IN=IN & OUT=OUT


Own food and drinks, drugs and dangerous objects are strictly forbidden at the festival site.


The access is declined to the following persons : * People under the influence of drugs, alcohol or any other stimulating drug. * People who are declined to a former festival by the organization or the administrative or judicial authorities. * People who show to be violent due to manifest behaviour and who want to disturb the public order. * People who resist the control and the body check by security and the local authoroties of the festival site. * People who resist handing over their items if they are considered to be dangerous of forbidden. * People who are in conflict with one or several articles of the house rules.


Visitors are only allowed in the areas permitted to the public. All other areas are forbidden.